5 Awesome Border Sarees with Designer Blouse Ideas

Border sarees are highly trending these days, reason being they look elegant, are light to carry and very comfortable to wear. When you wear these plain sarees with designer blouses then nothing can look more magical than that and hence here I have some awesome plain border sarees with designer blouse ideas for you. You can create multiple style from this Indian ethnic outfit, all you need to know is how to create different looks by accessorizing it with various designs of blouses.

Floral Blouse With Plain Sarees

These days floral blouse are trending, in all the pastel shades it adds an extra charm to a simple looking saree. When the sari is plain then you need to make sure that blouse becomes the highlight and does the talking for you and floral blouses does exactly the same.




Border Sarees with Maharani Blouse

The reason why I have named it the Maharani Blouse is because the neck part is heavily embroidered and also some the sleeves are embroidered just like a Maharani outfit. These type of blouses looks perfect when you wear them with plain or border sarees as the highlight becomes the blouse. fpm4zxqr copy




Plain Saree with Designer Boat neck Blouse

With plain sarees this is yet another blouse design which works well. The boat neck may have any pattern like embroidery on neck, mirror work or may be studded with pearls, it anyhow looks great.

kareena-kapoor-boat-neck-blouse Beautiful-boat-neck-choli

High Neck Blouse

High Neck Blouse Designs are another best option to flaunt with a plain saree. From bollywood actresses to the Indian women politician, all loves to flaunt their saris with this type of top.


marvellous-blue-beautiful-saree-with-heavy-work-high-neck-blouse-5h941155__20940_zoom sonam_kapoor_red_saree


Plain Sarees with Stylish Printed Blouse

If you have any funky t-shirt or top then you can also assemble that with any type of plain or border sari and create a unique fashion style. Few of stylish prints of blouse are below:


n0tmh20w copy

The reason why these type of saris are perfect for every lady is because first thing they are not at all costly as compared to those heavy work saris and apart from that you can create so many unique statement looks by accessorizing with different style of blouses. So, when you are getting something that is absolutely under your budget and along with that also getting a designer look then why leave such an opportunity? Shop for various border sarees today and style them with all the above suggested blouse designs.

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