4 Tips on What to Wear in India

Are you a foreigner who is planning to Visit India anytime soon? You must have heard millions of stories about India being conservative especially in the women dressing and hence are you are a little worried about what you will wear while your stay in India? Well, need not worry as here I am suggesting you 5 Tips on what to wear in India.


In Metro Cities

Mostly in the Metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, it does not matter much that what you wear but yeah you can’t avoid those eyeballs poping out if you wear something like a spaghetti straps top having low neck or micro minis or micro shorts showing your legs off. But if you want to avoid those poping eyeballs then the best thing is a pair of denim jeans and any top with not so deep neck line.

In Villages and Holy Places

Here you have to adapt a little conservative style of clothing else you can find everyone talking just about you and your exposed body parts. In the holy destinations like Temples, Gurudwara or Mosque, you need to be careful that your neck, shoulders, legs are not much exposed. You can cover your head with scarves, shawl or a duppatta. Perfect choice of clothing at such places would be an ethnic saree, salwar kameez, kurti or even a jeans or Capri is fine if the top is not revealing enough.

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Wear Western Clothes with an Indian Twist

Yes, that’s the mantra, even the Indian’s do the same as too much exposing is not appreciated. What you can so is carry a 3-4 pairs of denim jeans and wear something Indian with them after all it’s your visit to India. So, what you can do is wear a kurta above the jeans or you can even try various kameez styles or long shirts would also look great.


Try Indian Clothing

Leave the comfort zone and try something local, what’s the point if you are visiting a new country but don’t want to try that country’s local things? So here are few Indian Clothings which you must try:

Kurti or Kurta: You can take it as a tunic which comes in various length and fabrics. You can wear a thigh length kurta with denim jeans, a long kurti with leggings. In fact Kurtas are so comfortable that you will fell in love with them and won’t mind buying few of them and taking back it to your country.


Saree: If you are in India and not tried this traditional Indian clothing then you will seriously miss something very important. The grace of saree is such that you can’t resist yourself from trying it once. If you don’t know how to drape a saree then you also have the option of Ready to Wear Saree.


Hope this article will help you in planning your visit to India.

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