These Celebrities Stole All The Hearts With Their Look

“Do not dwell in the past; do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment”,the great Lord Buddha. I love the idea; I really do and follow this too. Let’s do this, now you must be thinking do what? Hey, I am not saying that go on the quest of finding yourself or spiritual piece. Although this is a good idea but I shall pass it for some other day, for now All I am saying is don’t take tension and chillax , dress up and go party with friends and family , enough is enough , how long you are just going to work , don’t be a boring workaholic, be a shopaholic a little , doing shopping is one of the quickest stress buster [ I am not making this up , its proven in many studies and especially for women ] . so Here is what you are going to do, you will find a good dress [not just for party, a dress that is so beautiful that whenever you see the dress you feel proud and happy to have it in your closet.

Only problem is that you need more inspiration to do so, you need to be sure and feel in your heart that yes this is the one [I guess now it’s getting bored to give the philosophy lecture to prove my point].

Let’s do this in your way, what about if I say that you can steal the current Bollywood style [100 % true, I would never lie to you guys]. That day when all the stars were in full mood of beer and skittles and more over this they were so gorgeously dressed up to impress us [ not literally for us ] , the night of star entertainment awards on 31st December 2014. Last day of the year with beautiful divas. Some dresses that were so pretty, it’s caught my eyes immediately. So I thought why not do something for pro bono [for the public good ] , in case you are trying to be a diva yourself , these dresses can be your choice.

ALIA BHATT IN BLACK GOWN – Its starting so Alia Bhatt comes first in the list , she has just started in Bollywood [ but My My ! girl is giving so hard competition to Bollywood’s veterans hotties ]. This time opposite to her cuteness and age , she was really looking like someone who is dedicated to work in long black gown and apart from the dress , only a sea green color’s big stone ring was quite charming and yes this is also a perfect dress for  parties , office parties or social get together .


DEEPIKA SINGH IN SIIZLING SILVER GOWN –  I really wanted to ask her that when did she turned into a hot bimbo to decent rita [ someone inform bhabo , that her beendani is no more her daughter in law ], joikes apart , she was looking astounding in this shiny silver gown , a pair of earring and a ring , that’s it and here comes the impressive Deepika, it’s a totally party dress , you can shine like a star in this type of beautiful party wear gown.


DIVYANKA IN AWESOME PINK AND WHITE SAREE – she totally did justice with her image , as she looks in Ye Hai Mohabbatein so did she look in entertainments awards. A complete traditional Indian woman [ did I forget to mention beautiful , add that too ] , so simple , so amazing , she impressed me a lot , a little red kumkum bindi on forehead, heavy jhumki  and bangles and a sweet smile on her face , how come so one can look this much beautiful in simplicity , that’s why I love traditional dresses . it’s a sign that next time you have to try a beautiful party wear saree or you can steal Divyanka Tripathi’s look.


GAURI YADAV – long time no see Gauri , where you have been ? We missed you. Seeing her Played Mrityunzay’s mother in EK Boond Ishq was good but she is way more than a mother and proved when she appeared in white Anarkali salwar kameez. This is also can be the dress you willingly want add in your wardrobe. After all Anarkali salwar is something that can serve all your purpose. House parties, kitty parties or traditional rituals a beautiful Anarkali salwar kameez is best.


TABBU AND MAHI GIL IN MATCHY-MATCHY SAREES – yes that’s true but does it matter when both were looking just fine in Firozi and Blue colors combination sarees. It’s a very common color combination but if you want to play safe, this is one of the safe side things ever. No tension only mention-mention.


SURVEEN CHAWLA IN STUUNNING STEEL BLUE GOWN – amazing and amazing, this is called killer look , dark shade lipstick and nail paint with hot light color gown , what an idea sir jii [ an old but always hit one ]. You want to hit the floor, I would say don’t delay go and steal the look. if not the sane then try some good amazing gowns.


PRIYANKA CHOPRA IN BLACK SEXY GOWN – if you are thinking P.C in the end, Am I out of my mind? [ I am not but I am a thinker instead ] , come on , she is show’s stopper guys , she was supposed to saved for the last to finish the show. Amazing singer and beautiful and talented actress, she is one of the people I personally admire. In this black gown with black heels and light make up [ she could have gone for dark shades but she didn’t , atta girl ] she was looking like herself , PC. You also can try party wear gowns this year. And by the way it is said that black dress is classic, for any function and occasion you can go for black dress.


Hope for the best and prepare for the worst that you can follow in social world but in fashion world you have to prepare for the best, give your best and try your best then you can hope for best. There must be something special about theses celebs that we like to follow them [in other way that’s why they are celebs]. So be sure of your look this time by following your favorite one.


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