“fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”

A complete year and feels like pasted in a jiffy. I guess this is time, maybe that’s why old people say that gone time never comes back. It is December and believe me when I say that you blink and it’s gone too and here comes 2015 , we can do nothing about it. The least we can try to do is remember the good times. Talking about good times then 2014 was not so good for Indian fashion. like the past few years of chasing up Hollywood style and movies and now south movies too [seriously ! what else is left not to fall for] Indian fashion seems to wash away its identity [ that kept going in 2014 too till now]

The thing is that great part of India’s Bollywood is also a great inspiration of Indian fashion and Indian’s life. Approximately 200 movies released every year and like 20 of them make biggest hits and set new fashion trends. But I am not here to give some swag news about fashion world or Bollywood, I am here to give you guys a flash back about some movies of past 11 months , some of them were hits on the box office but not on the fashion box office [ it can be new term in fashion world] and some of them were just okay with both box office and fashion box office.

Coco Chanel,the famous French fashion designer and founder of the Chanel brand,Once quoted that “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street; fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” And that’s exactly these movies had in common [ why am I talking in past sentences? You can still watch these movies] they were about Indian culture, Indian’s story, about what’s happening and in Indian style movie. Let’s start, shall we? Don’t hope for something stylish but be sure about one thing that it’s something worth your time as well as your attention .

DEDH ISHQUIA – costume designer Payal Saluja really did some fine work to re-create the Maduri’s charm and showed audience some traditional Indian dresses. Story is a different fish here but the costumes were according to the story and completely Indians. But we are not here to talk about the movie, are we? We are here to put this one in the list of movies with traditional outfits. Male, female all characters from the movie wored traditional Indian costumes. Madhuri and Huma both looked stunning in dresses like gorgeous Sharara, lehenga and salwar kameez.

dedh ishquia

HAIDER– This was also a Muslim culture based movie ( like it matters ! ) and also very beautiful, Shraddha Kapoor looked very pretty in established Muslim look and Tabbu looked very real in her costume. Whenever people will see the movie they can tell instantly that this is an Indian movie.  Of courses not much people paid attention to costumes ( maybe that’s why I am here ) You can try on some beautiful Salwaar kameez if got inspire with traditional.


GUNDAY– Gunday goes way back in 80-90 and God ! Priyanka looked amazing in most of the dresses [why am I even telling you this, she always looks amazing] but that’s not the topic here, the topic is that most of the costumes were traditional and more over this beautiful too [the only problem was in some sarees P.C seemed like belonged to 2014] but you can go for her look if you want to [ what can be bad wearing a beautiful saree] . Amazing sarees with sexy blouse and you and still people don’t find traditional sexy [it’s a wake up call].


GULAAB GANG – remember gulaabi gang? No?  it’s the women gang that take care of women’s problems [in real, amazing work gulabi gang keep it up] if talk about movie then it was a little different than real gang story [ gulaabi changed into gulaab for movie ] , but Juhi and Madhuri looked totally cool in rural saris [ not in reality women from villages wears saris like that] but costumes were completely traditional and Indian sarees i.e this movie maked its place in this list.


QUEEN – finally [seriously guys] this was a huge hit and also a entertaining movie but the best part is half of the movie belonged to London but director put other to shame that he didn’t dressed Kangana in western style she remained and looked pure Indian [except tunics with jeans, not even her hair changed, that could have been changed by the way] she didn’t looked much glamorous as she appeared in Fashion but she kindda maked tunics famous. You guys also can try beautiful tunics sometimes.


 Some of you people must have been thinking that what was that all about . This was all about just to tell you guys that fashion doesn’t make people , people make fashion, if you wear traditional dresses that are not in fashion that’s how you can create a style and fashion of yours. As Coco Chanel had said that The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.”  See you guys with next article till then try some traditional.

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